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This library provides a WebSocket over STOMP client for Web browser or node.js applications.


This library allows you to connect to a STOMP broker over WebSocket. This library supports full STOMP specifications and all current protocol variants. Most popular messaging brokers support STOMP and STOMP over WebSockets either natively or using plugins.

In general JavaScript engines in browsers are not friendly to binary protocols, so using STOMP is a better option because it is a text oriented protocol.

This library was originally developed by Jeff Mesnil.

Current Status

This library is feature complete and has been used in production for many years. It is actively maintained. You are welcome to file issues and submit pull requests.

Getting started

The documentation is hosted as GitHub pages. You may head straight to the entry point. (or with frames)

This library comes with detailed usage instructions. Please find it at Usage instructions.

If you were using older versions and wish to benefit from newer features, head to Upgrading.

If you are an existing user and will like to deep dive - API references for important entities:


If you are using this library in NodeJS you might need to make changes, please check Upgrading.

Usage with Angular2/4/5 is based on this library and exposes the entire functionality offered by this library as Angular Services and rxjs Observables. Both these libraries are maintained by a similar set of contributors.

TypeScript definitions

The npm package includes TypeScript definitions, so there is no need no install it separately.

Change log

Please visit Change Log.


If you want to understand the code, develop, or contribute. Please visit How to contribute.

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License - Apache v2 License