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These releases are synchronized releases and add similar changes. It is expected that these releases are fully backwards compatible. However, you may need to recompile your code.

User visible changes


Websocket specification does not provide any mechanism for quickly dropping a connection. If the underlying connection is dropped and the incoming pings fail, the actual closure of the Websocket may take significant time (several minutes). This new option discards the websocket immediately. This will allow a quicker reconnection.

Under the hood if the Websocket library supports terminate method (which ws npm package does), it will call that to quickly drop the connection. None of the Web browsers supports any equivalent method.

In this release this flag is off by default, set it to true to activate it.

// Set it directly or part of configuration
client.discardWebsocketOnCommFailure = true;



The STOMP standard supports Heartbeats which allow detecting stale connections. However, this mechanism activates after a successful connection (under the hood, after CONNECTED STOMP frame has been received from the broker).

This setting guards against the case that connection setup takes a long time to establish. If it takes longer it will abandon the attempt and retry.

The value is the number of milliseconds to wait for a successful connection.

// Set it directly or part of configuration
client.connectionTimeout = 500;


deactivate - async

You are unlikely to be affected by this change. deactivate has now been made async, if there is an underlying active connection, the call will wait till that is terminated. This prevents a race condition that may cause more than one active underlying connection in case deativate and activate were invoked in quick succession.

If you were calling deativate and activate in succession, you should await for deativate.

rx-stomp/ng-stomp-js specific

RxStomp#watch now allows setting unsubscribe headers. These headers can be set as fixed values or a callback that would return headers. See IWatchParams#unsubHeaders for details and an example.



By default, when you initiate a watch, it will be reestablished in case of a reconnection to the broker. You can set this flag while initiating a watch to subscribe only once.


Non visible changes

  • The output target is es2015. We wanted es2017, however, that causes issue with Angular.
  • The tree-shaking support is quite consistent now. In previous version rx-stomp used commonjs module system, which, was not very friendly to tree shaking.
  • Remove dom lib dependency for usage with NodeJS/Typescript.