ng2-stompjs to rx-stomp

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These steps have been tested with Angular 7 and Angular 13. So these should work for Angular 7+.

See also Using rx-stomp with Angular.


Compile target

rx-stomp uses ES6 classes, so the Angular project needs to set compile target at least es6. Please check and adjust target in your tsconfig.json.

Uninstall ng2-stompjs, install rx-stomp

$ npm uninstall @stomp/ng2-stompjs
$ npm i @stomp/rx-stomp

Change classes and imports

Change InjectableRxStompConfig from @stomp/ng2-stompjs -> RxStompConfig from @stomp/rx-stomp.

Next, we will create RxStompService and rxStompServiceFactory. These were provided by ng2-stompjs. If you were using code similar to the tutorials, the following would work as-is.

Create rx-stomp.service.ts file inside src/app/ with the following content:

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { RxStomp } from '@stomp/rx-stomp';

  providedIn: 'root',
export class RxStompService extends RxStomp {
  constructor() {

Create rx-stomp-service-factory.ts file inside src/app/ with the following content:

import { RxStompService } from './rx-stomp.service';
import { myRxStompConfig } from './my-rx-stomp.config';

export function rxStompServiceFactory() {
  const rxStomp = new RxStompService();
  return rxStomp;

If you are using a custom setup, you may need to adjust the factory code.

Angular DI setup

You will need to update the configuration for Angular DI.

Remove the provider configuration for InjectableRxStompConfig and adjust the setup for RxStompService.

providers: [
    provide: RxStompService,
    useFactory: rxStompServiceFactory,

Remove the old imports and add the imports from the newly created modules.

import { RxStompService } from './rx-stomp.service';
import { rxStompServiceFactory } from './rx-stomp-service-factory';

Adjust imports

Change the import path for RxStompService from @stomp/ng2-stompjs to the local module.