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This guide extends the sample created in ng2-stompjs-with-angular7.

Original and extended source code at ng2-stompjs-angular7-sample. Branch connection-status has code from this guide.

This guide applies to both ng2-stompjs and rx-stomp.


RxStompService and InjectableRxStompConfig are injectable versions of RxStomp and RxStompConfig respectively. These offer same functionality otherwise.

RxStomp exposes RxStomp#connectionState$ as an RxJS BehaviorSubject. It will yield the current state immediately and subsequently notify each state change. State is defined as RxStompState - an Enum using same values as WebSocket States.

rxStompService.connectionState$.subscribe(state => {
  // state is an Enum (Integer), RxStompState[state] is the corresponding string

RxStompState can have one of the following values:

  • OPEN

This allows to easily write an indicator for UI. See the following code from the sample:

export class StatusComponent {
  public connectionStatus$: Observable<string>;

  constructor(public rxStompService: RxStompService) {
    this.connectionStatus$ = rxStompService.connectionState$.pipe(
      map(state => {
        // convert numeric RxStompState to string
        return RxStompState[state];
<div id="status">
  <div id="indicator" class="{{connectionStatus$|async}}"></div>
  <span id="status-label">{{connectionStatus$|async}}</span>

With little CSS the indicator can be made to change color red/ember/green.

/* Make it a circle */
/* Make it a circle */
div#indicator {
  width: 12px;
  height: 12px;
  border-radius: 6px;
  margin: 0 10px;
  display: inline-block;
  background: #ffbf00; /* Ember by default, will be used for CONNECTING and CLOSING */

div.CLOSED#indicator {
  background: red;

div.OPEN#indicator {
  background: green;

Responding to successful connection

RxStomp#connected$ is an RxJS Observable which will trigger immediately if Stomp broker is already connected. It will trigger in each subsequent connect.

// In case you want to respond to each connection establishment
rxStompService.connected$.subscribe(() => {
  console.log('I will be called for each time connection is established.');

// If you want to execute only once. It will execute immediately if connected
// otherwise on first subsequent connection.
rxStompService.connected$.pipe(take(1)).subscribe(() => {
  console.log('I will be called only once.');

The following is the code from the library. RxStomp#connected$ is filtered RxStomp#connectionState$.

this.connected$ = this.connectionState$.pipe(
  filter((currentState: RxStompState) => {
    return currentState === RxStompState.OPEN;

The above can be used to implement watch for any other state (like CLOSED).